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Why are Fillings Needed?

When a tooth has cracked, broken, worn down, or become damaged due to decay Dr. Casey will repair the damaged area with a “filling” to restore and strengthen the tooth.

Without repair, the damaged tooth is weakened and will be susceptible to further degradation. If there is decay present it must be removed before proceeding with the filling otherwise the decay will likely continue until the tooth becomes abscessed, or breaks severely.

In this event, the tooth will require root canal treatment or perhaps even an extraction if the damage is beyond repair. 

What are Fillings Made Of?

Teeth may be restored (or “filled”) using several different materials:

Amalgam is a mix of silver alloy. It may last up to 10-15 years, but can cause a greyish cast to the tooth due the metal content. It is the most cost- effective material.

Composite Resin is a tooth-coloured material that contains plastic and glass. It can be closely matched to the existing tooth colour and may last up to 5 years.

Glass Ionomer contains acrylic and a specific type of glass. It is most often used for fillings that are below the gum line, and it releases fluoride. It may last up to 5 years.

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Dentists recommend regular dental hygiene with routine check-ups to maintain optimal oral health. Dr Casey is a general dentist with a focus on family dentistry.

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