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We realize that our patients' time is valuable and, to that end, we have installed the most up-to-date dental diagnostic equipment available to us.

Dr. Casey is an experienced Dentist and a Certified Provider of Invisalign Clear Orthodontics. Dr. Casey is a general dentist who provides a full range of dental services. Book an appointment today.

Treatment Rooms with Monitors

Each of our stations is equipped with a television monitor as well as an x-ray unit. Radiographs (xrays) can be taken while the patient is seated comfortably.

So whether you watch t.v. during your appointment, or are looking at pictures of your teeth, we are sure that your visit to our clinic will be a pleasant one.

Patient Treatment Station Station at Casey Dental
Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays (Radiographs)

Our Dental Clinic uses, digital dental x-rays (radiographs) instead of traditional film. There are several advantages for doctors and patients alike.

Not only does it expose the patient to significantly less radiation, but it also allows us to take the x-ray while you are seated in the exam room and then almost instantly show you the images on the monitor.

This helps us make your visit as short as possible so you can get back to your day quickly.

Intra-Oral Camera

Our intra-oral camera allows us to take pictures of your mouth and within seconds, show you the magnified color images on the monitor before you.

This allows you to see what Dr. Casey sees (wisdom teeth, extractions, fillings, porcelain veneers, implants, tooth decay, etc).

At the Casey Dental, we believe in fully informed patients who are given all their options for dental services. You will then decide in consultation with Dr. Casey which option best suits your dental care needs.

Dr Casey is a Gentle Family Dentist and uses an Intra-Oral Camera
Dental Panographic Unit

Panoramic Cephalometric Unit

The panographic unit is used to obtain a comprehensive view of facial and and oral structures such as the maxillary (upper) arch, mandibular (lower) arch, temporal mandibular joint, sinuses, and other supporting structures.  

It is important to have this comprehensive view in order to see whether the patient’s dental structures relate to one another in a functional manner, whether any oral issues such as infection , decay or an improper bite exist, and what treatment may be necessary.

The cephalometric unit is used to obtain a side view of facial and cranial structures.  This is necessary for orthodontic patients in order to determine the relationship of the upper and lower jaws to one another and to other cranial structures.  It is an important tool in determining the best orthodontic treatment options.

Dental Clinic Sterilization Centre

Your dental hygiene is important to us. Our sterilizers, thermal disinfection unit, and hands-free technology at our steri-centre is compliant with even the most stringent sterilization protocols.

Dental Sterilization Centre - Sherwood Park Dentists

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Your Family's Health is our Priority.
Preventative Dentistry is our Focus.

Dentists recommend regular dental hygiene with routine check-ups to maintain optimal oral health. Dr Casey is a general dentist with a focus on family dentistry.

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